Welcome to Switzerland.


Swiss is a very safe and politically stable country and is part of Schengen zone.

Swiss education system is based on the UK & German model.

Swiss is economically and financially very strong and is one of the fastest growing economies within Europe.

The crime rate is almost zero percent

Student can work part time while during studies.

Highly cost effective in terms of living expenses.

Entry Requirements:

The detailed entry requirements are, For degree courses, students should have generally completed their Higher Secondary Educational or vocational qualifications (10+2) or ‘A’ level or any other equivalent qualification.

For entry onto the Masters programs, students should have generally completed their Bachelors’ degrees with good marks.  There are no official IELTS/TOEFL/PEARSON requirements however these are strongly recommended.

Why choose Switzerland?

Swiss educational institutions have some of the best educational degrees in the world

Swiss educational system offers unique opportunities to blend theory and practice. Many programs also work closely with the industry, offering students the possibility to combine study and practical work. Many students from around the globe have chosen Switzerland as their next study destination. This makes the current Swiss student body highly international and diverse. Students can take internships, apprenticeships, and even work part time in fields that are related to their degree studies. This means students can get both the hands on experience and the ability to apply what they are learning to what they are doing. Knowing how to turn theory into practice can give students distinct advantages over their peers when they go into the workforce upon completing their degree.

Some of the Universities we can get you admission into – Switzerland

European University 
HTMI, Hotel School Switzerland 
Swiss Hotel Management School